Hi, I’m Marion.

I’ve created this website as a place for me to unload my mind. I’m always looking for new inspiration and I’ll be sure to share everything here. My main job is Photographer but I do some art direction and modeling as well.

Hope you like it whether you stop by for fun or for work.

It always makes my day to hear from others so shoot me an email and we can get this story started!

  • Dream photoshoot location ? Canyon of Chelly, Arizona, US
  • Obsession ? Plants
  • Can’t live without ? My two brothers
  • Most qualities valued in people ? Humble, funny, ambitious
  • Perfect Sunday ? Brunch with girlsfriends, exhibition, tea time with mom, movie with boy
  • Inspirations ? 70’s, Sofia Coppola, Lichenstein
  • Fashion Icon ? Jane Birkin
  • Bad habit ? Franglish
  • find me on